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Sunday, 10-Sep-2006 12:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Paintball Mania IV @ NPNG, 10th September 2006

NPNG's wide variety of Sports..
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Attendees this time were only 10, but we all had fun all the same.

Today's Paintball Maniacs were.. in order of who first came.. Alisa, Shah, Ila, Amir, Az, Myself (aDLiN), Wawa, Aima, Len (for Azlen, pronounced as 'Lin'..) and then Fadli (who got the title YB - Yang Berbahagia for being the last to come.. heheh..).

Team A - for Apa2ntah (hey, I run this site. So.. Heheh.. ) was made of Az (the Tyco aka Wira Gomen), Ila, Amir, Len and Aima

Team B - for Bagoss (Yeerrss, you guessed it. MY team.. ) was made of Myself, Alisa, Shah, Fadli and Wawa..

Game started indoors with the Centre Flag, and won by Team Apa2ntah, flag captured by Amir. Congratulations, Wira Iblis Yang Baik..(heheh.. ) ..<< Beginners Luck >> Huh.

Then we changed sides, and this time it was won by the Bagoss, flag captured by Wawa the Invinsible (Halimunan)..

And then we moved outdoors.

Third game we played today was again Centre Flag, this one won by Team Apa2ntah..Flag was captured by Len. This one got experience main dalam hutan. Kira ada bakat Wataniah sikit. Heh.

Fourth and Fifth games we played Capture the Base. This is where any one player from any one team has to go to the opposing team's base and touch the net right at the back. Crazy business. But the Team Bagoss won this both times, first by Wirawati Halimunan (Wawa) and then Wira Lambat (Fadli - oklah, he made up for being late.. ) Well done, Fadli!!!! You scored for the team! Yaayyy!!!!

And then the Sixth game, we played the Empire, where each team select a 'General' amongst its members. This General's identity is kept a secret from the opposing team except from the Marshal. The game goes that whomever got shot, can regenerate themselves and hidup balik, and the game goes on for as long as the Generals of the two teams are alive - or until we run out of bullets. Soon as one General gets shot, the game ends.

The Sixth game goes to.. Team Apa2ntah.. But ya know, in the end ha,.. We squared off against each other. 3 wins each. Hahaha... oklah tu. Tak cukup pulak bullets untuk final round. Sharpest shooter (masa nak dispense final few bullets) was Aznirul aka Wira Gomen.. << this is for aiming me and HITTING all those times!! .. { aside.. but ha, kelakar la this guy. He aimed, he shot me, and then as I exited the field, I could here a *faint* voice calling out, "Sorry, Adlin!".. hahahaha.. all in good fun, bro! }

However, our best player of the day, the Best Player of Paintball Mania IV went to.. Wirawati Halimunan , WAWA..!!!! Seriously, her nick Halimunan served her well. Wirawati Oil&Gas (Len) declared that she just sort of saw the flag moved on its own and then next thing, the Marshal announced, "GAME OVER!" Kudos to WAWA!!!! Yippeee!!!! << nasib baik masuk my team >> SIDE NOTE : Back in Paintball Mania III ha, this girl stayed behind the barrell sahaja, k.. MACAM tak berbakat sungguh!.. heheh.. Today, dunno la what angin sudah tiup, tapi jadi terer pulak this girl.

It was just the ten of us that made it happen, but GAWD, did it happen!.. heheh.. we had soOo *much* fun!

and then after, we all convoyed to a mamak in Kota Damanasara, the Khalifah BISTRO, no less! - Except for two, who took the wrong road and ended up in K.L. (sorry we lost you guys in the convoy, Ila and Amir ..aka Wirawati Camera and Wira Iblis Yang Baik).. This Khalifah Bistro, ha, don't play play's soap dispenser has got sensors!!!! Smart sehh.. so advance like that!!

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who made it today for their individual support for making this happen for me, and then for each other. You guys were great. All that Lambat, Jalan Lopak and other teasings aside, you guys were great!

I really hope you guys would be able to join me and some others again for the next Paintball Mania,.. Paintball Mania V, happening this ..November.. sometime after Raya. Have not spotted a good date yet, but I shall keep my Paintball Mania mailing list informed.

It has not escaped me that I am the only one present at this PM IV that does not have a title yet. Therefore, I self-proclaim myself, Wirawati Pose. Or, Wirawati Paintball,..or, Wirawati Head Koncho..? Oh, what about... Wirawati Hello Kitty?..hahaha..Oh, forget it! Maybe I shouldn't be calling myself 'names'..

Good night, and Have a GREAT week ahead, all!!!! Enjoyce..

P/S : IMPORTANT !! : Wira Gomen and Wira Lambat are NOT gays. They are both seriously straight. It's just that this was all in good fun (this is me even - ning a score)..

P/P/S : I actually mis-post this on this site, when I should've posted onto the Paintball Mania fotopages site I have. Thanks to fotopages's "auto login", and my state of exhaustion, I tak perasan. And as you all know what HARD WORK it is to upload piccies HERE,..I don't *think* I will move these piccies just yet. If at all! So, for previous Paintball Mania piccies, visit ..

Monday, 28-Aug-2006 10:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lunch at Chili's, BSC @ 25 August 2006

Alisa surrounded in Light
salt n peppa
tini's mango juice
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Me and my girlfriends fooled around with the O2 phone camera while 'lunching' at Chili's BSC.... Hope we didn't bother anyone while we were at it!.. hahaha..

The phone camera don't function so well in poor light, but I hope the shots are at least artistic. *hopeful*.. hahah..

My friend Alisa's nokia actually performed better though it is only 1.0 mp against my O2 mini's 1.3 mp.. hrmph.. (Ref : Pic 13 vs 14)

Pic #15 is how my camera perform under flourescent light. Okay lah, hor?.. Just wait till i get me a proper camera. Just wait!

Wednesday, 16-Aug-2006 03:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my date with PGL Season 2

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical
Hang Tuah..
* touch! hehe..
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It was a wonderful night. Besides the show, and its cast of actors, I met a number of people whom I didn't expect to meet, but very much glad that I did.

Among them, my Kemahiran Hidup high school teacher, Mrs Chew, my sister in law (whose colleague was Mrs Chew's daughter), my two college friends Ruby and Ina (plus, Ruby's cousin), Farhan (from the last AF), and Adlin Aman Ramli.

My sister, Tini, Alisa and I arrived early, so we headed for the cafe. We spotted Adlin (who was sitting on the next table), and so I went up to him and said, "Hello, Adlin. I'm Adlin." He was surprised (and sitting with the gorgeous Aqasha - could you believe it? I didn't recognise him! Idiot!), and then I said, "I've always wanted to do that," as we shook hands. Took a picture with him, too. I only said, "Sorry, kacau." to Aqasha, who was handsome (nak mampus) and all smiles. Ler, I wanted to take a pic with him, but then not realising who he was, and just in case he was someone 'biasa', I didn't want to be the 'perempuan gatal'.. hahahahah.. so I refrained myself. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Well, nevermind. Takde rezeki kot. << **note to self : Have to start studying the URTV religiously from now on >>

Anyway, show was wonderful, and Stephen sang even better than he did in the First Season of PGL, and I thought so did Tiara. My sister and I queued to get signatures for our purchases (i bought the soundtrack CD, and sis bought the kiddy book)..Adi Pati's performance last night was astoundingly effective. He managed to convey to the audience the fierceness of the Majapahit King, his forcefulness and of his (and his Kingdom's) might. At one point, a few of us actually even felt fear in our hearts. The effects helped, of course, what with the lights and sounds, fantastic. The supporting actor, Yalal Chin (as the Patih) helped as well, when he showed his fear for Bayan's (the Princess's Lady in waiting) life when the Adi Pati asked where has his sister gone to.

The Sultan did a good job at being his Majestic self, commanding respect and loyalty in a way that he expects it. And God forbid whomever crosses his path or goes against his wishes. And curse be it (as he did to the Gusti Puteri) whomever that challenges his might and his authority.

The ensembles were amusing, in that their portrayal of their respective characters in a very carricature-like manner and extra-'expressiveness' added to their charm.

As a wrap up, the ill-fated couple may live their lives apart, but in their love for each other, they last for all eternity. Together. Binded by that overwhelming force that is Love.

Tragic, huh?.. Yah well.

I managed to take a picture with Stephen, and said to him as I SHOOK his HAND!!!!! "Stephen, you're a beautiful man. Congratulations for a great performance."

Best malam tu. I will not forget last night for as long as I live.


Tuesday, 15-Aug-2006 04:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
WWR @ Slim River, on 12th August 2006

Perak, Ulu Slim
** Kambing2 kena angkut
Macam anak orang asli naik lorry pergi sekolah
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Went whitewater rafting (WWR) at Slim River last Saturday, and it was awesome! This time the course took 4 hours to complete, but it was soOoOo worth it!

And then bbq at a friend's place. Coolness. It was a great day, and an even better weekend for me, since I took leave on Monday and Tuesday!!!! muahaha.. ;o)

the ** pictures are compliments of some very nice people..

Sunday, 16-Jul-2006 16:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gua Kandu in Perak @ 15 July 2006

ceria.. nak masuk Gua!
Gua Kandu
Cave entrance
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Check it out! I went to Perak last Saturday, and had my first cave adventure through Gua Kandu! Exciting, thrilling experience. It used to be the Communists' (back then) hide out, where they held their meetings over a candle - and then lit only when necessary. Imagine having a candle that lasts a whole month! That's how little of the candle they lit.

1.5 hour drive from KL, Gopeng is a destination not to be missed! There's also Whitewater rafting and flying fox available. Cool stuff!!

Check out details at Nomad Adventure

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